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ISBN : 9781632385598

Publisher :   nyresearchpress

Language :   English

Category :    Mathematics > Mathematics

Publication Year :   2017

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Description :  This book on mathematics deals with the concepts and theories that are derived with a view to group and compute numbers. Mathematics is an essential requirement for almost all sciences that require abstraction for its functioning. Topics included in this book seek to advance the level of research that has been seen in this field in the past decade. This book, with its detailed analyses and data, will prove immensely beneficial to professionals and students involved in this area at various levels. Case studies as well as conceptual theorems allow the readers to get a holistic understanding of the areas of study that fall under mathematics. This text is appropriate for students seeking detailed information in this area as well as for experts.

Author/Editor :  Frank West

Author's Description :  Frank West received his PhD in Mathematics from the University Of Kansas, USA. He is an associate professor of mathematics and fuzzy logic at an independent school in America. His academic and research interests include fuzzy logic, fuzzy control systems and statistics. West has presented 13 research papers in the field of fuzzy logic and fuzzy interference systems at prestigious mathematical forums. He has written 5 books and numerous articles in the diverse areas of intelligent systems and fuzzy set theory. He is also an active member of several mathematical societies.