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ISBN : 9781632385345

Publisher :   nyresearchpress

Language :   English

Category :    Engineering and Technology > Engineering and Technology

Publication Year :   2017

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Description :  Mechanical engineering deals primarily with the design and manufacture of machines and mechanical systems. This book on mechanical engineering presents a multi-disciplinary approach to the field. Thermodynamics, structural analysis, mechanics, etc. are some of the key areas of mechanical engineering that have been thoroughly discussed in this text. The prospects of mechanical engineering are vast and technology is upgraded constantly. The topics included in this book reflect the technological progress that has been made and the corresponding theoretical breakthroughs that have also occurred. The book elucidates innovative models and concepts around prospective developments with respect to this field. It will be of great help to students, experts, researchers and engineers in the fields of manufacturing, electronics and other related areas.

Author/Editor :  Bilroy Lockhart

Author's Description :  Bilroy Lockhart's interest in mechanical engineering led him to pursue a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, United States. After his education, he delved into exploring the mechanics and structural analysis aspects of mechanical engineering. Today, he is a veteran in the field of mechanical engineering with numerous revolutionizing texts, articles and research papers to his credit. Apart from scrutinising the varied aspects of mechanical engineering he also shares his knowledge with the students as a professor.