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Modern Inorganic Chemistry

By : Garry Hollis

Description : Inorganic chemistry is the study of inorganic compounds and their corresponding chemical reactions. Inorganic chemistry has been implemented in the industrial sector as well the a... more

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Medicinal Chemistry: Research and Innovation

By : Thomas Haldane

Description : Medicinal chemistry is the research and study of drug design and development. It is a synthesis of organic chemistry and pharmacology. Research in medicinal chemistry focuses on t... more

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Essentials of Physical Chemistry

By : Finn Miller

Description : This book is an essential guide for both academicians and those who wish to pursue their interest in physical chemistry. Physical chemistry focuses on understanding chemical syste... more

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Concepts and Applications of Organic Chemistry

By : Saul Rowen

Description : Since twentieth century, organic chemistry emerged and has been rapidly expanding throughout without deceleration in the progress of this field. Foundations of medicine and biotec... more

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Analytical Chemistry: Concepts and Applied Principles

By : Jessica Carol

Description : Analytical chemistry seeks to study the fundamental aspects of matter. It uses rigorous scientific methods to extract, study and analyse the objects of its research. This book on ... more

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Textbook of Chemistry

By : Gerald Cole

Description : Chemistry is the branch of science which studies the structure, composition and properties of all the matter around us. It is a broad discipline that branches out into various sub... more

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Principles and Practices of Physical Chemistry

By : Bernard Wilde

Description : Physical chemistry refers to that branch of chemistry which combines physical and chemical studies to deduce the physical properties of molecules and how these affect their chemic... more

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Physical Chemistry

By : Bernard Wilde

Description : Physical chemistry utilizes the principles of physics to study atomic, subatomic, macroscopic and particulate phenomena. Intermolecular forces, reaction kinetics, surface chemistr... more

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Organic Chemistry: Beyond the Basics

By : Saul Rowen

Description : Carbon is the most unique element present in the periodic table. It has unique properties like tetravalency and concatenation which makes it capable of forming uncountable number ... more

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Organic Chemistry

By : Allegra Smith

Description : Carbon with its unique characteristic properties has the ability to form uncountable number of compounds. Its compounds exist in abundance naturally as well as can be synthesized ... more

Results 1 - 10 of 35