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Multimedia Signals: Image, Audio and Video Processing

By : Anna Sanders

Description : Multimedia signal processing uses computational techniques to read digital data. This book on multimedia signals explains the processes that are involved in audio and video proces... more

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Electric Power Distribution: Systems and Engineering

By : Linda Morand

Description : This book on electric power distribution discusses the various mechanisms that regulate power transmission. Power is generated across a complex set of pathways and networks. Elect... more

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Robotics and Biomimetics: Advanced Technologies

By : Rowland Wilson

Description : The various sub-fields of robotics along with technological progress that have future implications are glanced at in this book. This discipline is multidisciplinary in nature borr... more

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Numerical Modeling in Science and Engineering

By : Lawrence Bech

Description : Numerical modeling is the use of computational and mathematical methods to solve scientific problems. This book on numerical modeling in science and engineering deals with the bas... more

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Nanotechnology: Technological Progress

By : Andrew Green

Description : Nanotechnology is an emerging field of study which has significantly contributed towards the growth of several other disciplines such as engineering, medicine, etc. it is concerne... more

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Nanotechnology: Concepts and Applied Principles

By : Rich Falcon

Description : Nanotechnology is the design and engineering of materials that are sized in the dimension of 1 to 100 nanometers. This book on nanotechnology deals with the principles and practic... more

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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

By : Tommy Haynes

Description : Multidisciplinary Design Optimization is a rapidly growing field of study. It falls under the umbrella of engineering and focuses on solving design related problems with the help ... more

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Mechanical Science and Engineering

By : Roman Fritz

Description : Mechanical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study which combines techniques and principles from a range of disciplines including physics, materials science, etc. It in... more

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Mechanical Engineering and Technology

By : Bilroy Lockhart

Description : Mechanical engineering deals primarily with the design and manufacture of machines and mechanical systems. This book on mechanical engineering presents a multi-disciplinary approa... more

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Logistics Management and Industrial Engineering

By : Courtney Hoover

Description : The planning, creation and implementation of supply chains, manual and automated, that seek to implement and control goods and services can be called as logistics management. Supp... more

Results 1 - 10 of 87